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Hi. I'm Dan.

Sometimes you get stuck.  It happens to everybody; but no one wants to stay there. It’s especially hard when you feel called by God to get going but struggle to move forward to what's next. Maybe you're trying to get yourself moving in a new direction or maybe you want to lead your church, support your family, or get your business moving. I get it! Everybody has felt hopeless or defeated at times, but nobody wants to stay stuck. I decided that I was tired of wandering and found a way forward. You can too! 

I want to help you get where you want to be faster, with less stress, more joy and greater impact. It starts with knowing where you want to go, taking the first step and then being consistent one step at a time. 

Life is really about making good and right choices and then maintaining the decisions. My goal is to simplify your life by showing how your faith can inform the choices you face every day. 

What could someone tell you in 70 Seconds that would cause you to do something you’ve never done before? It only took God about 70 seconds to tell Joshua everything he needed to know to be successful the rest of his life! After that, he was never the same. It happened to me too! 

As it turns out, our beliefs are the root causes of our motivations and behaviors which means that success and failure are not accidental. I want to guide you to bring FOCUS to the work you love to better lead the people you love. 

Let's start with 70 Seconds!

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"70 Seconds: Stop Wandering; Start Living & Leading"

If how you lead is a result of what you believe, then belief changes everything! This is a book about belief and the thoughts, actions, habits and character  it takes to lead through the challenges of life. 

 "Dan’s words are geared toward leaders, but his insights will help anyone who needs inspiration to get unstuck." 

Whether you're leading in an office, at home, or in a church, this book will reveal to you:

  • 7 Core Beliefs that will change the choices you make
  • A new mindset to lead successfully
  • How to handle adversity with faith not fear

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Coaching with Dan

Sometimes, we need a hand to get unstuck.  At Healthy Growing Leaders that's what we do.  We first help you to discover your A-Game.

Our Level One assessment includes:

Once you know your A-Game, coaching makes sense because you are able to implement new skills in real time.  This means that what you are learning has immediate impact in your life and work. 

Opportunities for coaching are limited.  Click below and we will set a time to answer your questions.

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