Praise for 70 Seconds

Nick Nanton, Esq. - EMMY® Award Winning Director/Producer, Wall St. Journal Best-Selling Author

“In 70 Seconds, Dan Holland takes a refreshing look at one of God’s seminal lessons for life and leadership.  In today’s world we are often left wondering how to interpret the scriptures God has left for us, in this book Dan Holland does an amazing job of showing us a modern day biblical perspective that is not only highly applicable, but interesting and entertaining. I highly encourage you to read it and apply these principles to your life.”

Bob Russell - Former Senior Minister, Southeast Christian Church

“Regardless of your current circumstances, 70 Seconds will inspire you by revealing sound principles and practical actions you can take to improve your leadership abilities as a Christ follower. Dan’s book is readable, insightful and provocative for all aspiring leaders who are dissatisfied with the status quo and determined to improve their leadership skills and the lives of believers around them.”

Buddy Groom - NY Yankees/Baltimore Orioles

 “Dan has hit a homerun with this book! It is encouraging and applies to us today as believers in Christ to have a heart like Joshua and apply the truths that I had never seen about him before. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did and change some things on how you lead others. I know it has impacted me and I will look at things differently now going forward in my life.” 

Jim Morris - "The Rookie"

 “In today’s way of thinking faith, love and contentment have disappeared because of a separation from God. In 70 Seconds, Dan Holland gives a blue print for life, love and leadership. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, 70 Seconds reminds us that there are hardships and missteps as seen through biblical history, but you can overcome by faith in Jesus. Dan conveys, in an incredible and understandable way, with God we can overcome and thrive.”   

Greg Lee - Actor, TV host (Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego) Writer, Producer, Voice Actor

"By combining the wisdom of scripture with over 30 years experience in ministry, Dan has written a real-world, road-tested, clear-cut guide to dramatically changing the way Believers approach their lives, their churches, their families and their walk with God. “70 Seconds” exposes some of God’s eternal truths in a very new, and very welcome light."

Al Robertson - Author, Speaker and Star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty

"I LOVE Dan’s new book on leadership. I have taught many lessons and preached many sermons on Joshua’s character and trust in God and this book encourages me to start teaching and preaching on this subject again! Simple messages on life and leadership with great biblical depth to inspire. You will be blessed if you buy this book.

Joi Williams - former head coach, UCF Women’s Basketball; former asst. coach, WNBA San Antonio Stars

“I couldn’t put it down. What a blessing it was to me! I realized right away that I have been WANDERING for the last couple of months! Reading 70 Seconds has given me a newfound energy and dedication to staying faithful and making sure that I “vote” every day. I am now thinking that maybe this season of my life is part of God’s plan to give me rest and help me to really listen for His voice to determine what’s next for me and to choose FAITH over fear!” 

Kim Carbia - Career Coach and Author of "Faith And Unemployment"

"I’ve known Dan for over 30 years and this book is a beautiful watermark of his faith. It is an enlightening read that reminds you that God desperately desires to use you in EVERY chapter of your life. He skillfully communicates that trusting fully in God’s love and promises are the keys to successfully getting through the adventures he calls you to. This book challenges you to walk bravely into the arena of your life and to listen carefully for what God is calling you to do!"

Kent Allen - Vice President for Advancement, Oklahoma Christian University

“Wow! Did I need this book!  Dan Holland has done a masterful job in bringing us back to what really matters when our backs are up against the "walls" of life.  FAITH!...not intellect....not talent...not money....FAITH!.  Read this simple, yet powerful biblically based book that can change your perspective on how to handle anything the world throws at you.  Remember, God says, "I will never leave you!"

Brian Doyle - Founder and President, Iron Sharpens Iron

 “Monuments are God’s idea. They mark moments that are critical to growing and changing and trusting God. In ‘70 Seconds’, Dan highlights monuments that  changed the course of history and can change your history as well!” 

Steve Stiger - President & CEO, Good Life Broadcasting, Inc.

 “In 70 Seconds, Dan Holland illustrates through Joshua how God uses common people to accomplish amazing things...when we trust & obey Him with a faithful heart. 70 Seconds will inspire you, that regardless of your age or position, God wants to work through you!” 

Jack Hightower - Managing Director at Expense Reduction Analysts

"It is just not me? It is too easy to think I am the only one that is over-whelmed, over-worked, and over-burdened with life. In “70 Seconds”, Dan uses Joshua’s life in a simple and understandable way to realize I am “under-faithed”. The books unique look at Joshua and God’s charge reminds me that God is with me “wherever I go”."

David S. Jacques - Pastor of The Kingdom Church

“This book will serve as a resource guide for many leaders. Dan, the author, teaches us through the life of Joshua that leadership matters 

on every level. Joshua used his experiences as a place of reference, but not as a place of residence. This resource will be a compass for many to navigate through the changing seasons of leadership.” 

Lorri Allen - Speaker, Author, Radio & TV Personality

"I’ve known Dan as a tremendous preacher, teacher and wise friend for nearly 30 years. But my respect has increased even higher with 70 Seconds: Stop Wandering; Start Living & Leading! Although Dan’s words are geared toward leaders, his insights will help anyone who needs inspiration to get unstuck or courage to overcome fear. I will tell everyone I know about this book.”

Greg Wiens - Chief Catalyst, Healthy Growing Leaders

“Don’t let the title mislead you; it may have only taken 70 seconds for God to give these instructions to Joshua, but it will take you a lifetime to fully lean into living them out. I have known Dan in ministry for over 30 years and can tell you he not only teaches us what we need to know about fulfilling our leadership calling in the book, he has also lived them for decades. Dan speaks from a personal knowledge of applying these principles in his life. As they have made him a great leader, they will do the same for you.”

Rick Bezet - Lead Pastor of New Life Church and author

"I have often said that a well-placed question can change the direction of a person’s life forever. In 70 Seconds, Dan walks through the kinds of questions that have the potential to disarm you and disrupt your life. But if you want to move past your past, or you want to avoid making the same mistakes as others, I recommend you think through some of the powerful questions that he poses in this thought-provoking book."

Jamey Miller - Lead Pastor of Antioch Community Church, President of Share Life Now International

"Absolutely critical truths for every season of life and leadership.  This is a great book.  Part of my endorsement of this book is that I’ve watched Dan live out the practical wisdom in these pages for nearly 30 years.  70 Seconds…isn’t just a book with a few tips on living, it’s a book that will actually help you build a successful life on the foundation of Jesus Christ."

Matt Manzari - former wake pro-skater, Burn Survivor and Speaker

"Dan not only brings Joshua's story to life, but brings it to your life! He gives you practical steps to take you from where you are, to the promised life God designed!"